History at a glance

History at a glance


History at a glance

La Nostra Storia


The aroma of freshly roasted coffee can be detected from afar, and brings a feel of Italy to Germany. When entering our “Drago Mocambo” roasting house and seeing the small coffee bar, everyone’s curiosity is aroused to dive into the world of coffee.

It all began in 1984, when Guiseppe Drago started roasting coffee in a small garage in search of an incomparable, typically Italian coffee. Even then, there was to be no compromise on taste. The spirit of Italy was to be tangible with every drop. He succeeded in igniting this passion in more and more coffee connoisseurs. This laid the base for the founding of “Drago Mocambo”.

In 2011, Concetta and Giorgio Drago, Giuseppe’s two children, took over the management of the company.

In 2022, the third generation, the grandsons of the company founder, Enrico and Teresa Poidomani, as well as Giuseppe and Dario Drago, followed into his footsteps and took over the management of Drago Mocambo.

Our family business continues to develop dynamically, but one thing always remains the same: our company philosophy. “Highest uncompromising quality and coffee roasting according to the traditional drum roasting method” – this remains our highest principle to this day.

In the meantime, we have established intensive trade relations with coffee farmers in various countries around the world. We maintain a direct exchange with the farms and farmers and thus guarantee a high, always consistent quality.


Founding of the coffee roastery

Founding of the coffee roastery in a small garage.

Development of own coffee recipes. The coffees Brasilia 60% Arabica 40% Robusta and Gran Bar 80% Arabica 20% Robusta were the first coffees.


Expansion of the production facility

Move to the current building in Radevormwald to expand the production facility.


Logo Creation

Development of the first Mocambo logo.


Expansion of the professions

Expansion of the professions


Distribution partnership

Agreement of a distribution partnership with WEGA Kaffeemaschinen for NRW.

Drago-Mocambo-Logo 2006

Logo Creation

A new variant of the Mocambo logo was developed.



Development of export business (e.g. Poland, Great Britain, Romania, Libya, Turkey)


Expansion office building

Construction of a new office building (completion 2011)

Drago-Mocambo-Logo 2013

Logo Creation

Another variation of the Mocambo logo was developed to modernise.



Start of construction of the Mocambo Academy, warehouse, salesroom/shop (completion 2015)


Mocambo Academy

Start of the Barista Courses at the Mocambo Academy


Expansion of production capacity

Expansion of production, tripling of production capacity

Drago-Mocambo-Logo 2019

Logo Creation

Development and creation of our latest modern Drago Mocambo logo.


Aroma Biologico

First organic coffee variety "Aroma Biologico


Milano & Venezia

The first varieties of the our special line for gastronomy "Milano" and "Venezia" including black Mocambo cups


Naturale Biologico

Second organic coffee variety "Naturale Biologico" and changeover to aluminium-free packaging for the organic line


Palermo & Torino

Creation of two additional varieties for the Special Line "Palermo" and "Torino"