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Mocambo Team


About us

Mocambo Team


In 2011, the family roastery was passed on to the second generation, Giorgio and Concetta Drago. In the meantime, the company is being successfully continued by the 3rd generation of the Drago family.

Our family business continues to develop dynamically, but one thing always remains the same: our company philosophy. “Highest uncompromising quality and coffee roasting according to the traditional drum roasting method” – this remains our highest principle to this day.


Our Values


Highest Quality

Direct contact with our coffee farmers is one of the most important criteria. We select the beans that are not harvested by machine, but by hand. In order to be able to guarantee the same high quality from year to year, we remain faithful to our growing regions and maintain a constant relationship with the coffee producers.


Of course, coffee is a natural product and fluctuates from year to year. We try to compensate for these fluctuations by roasting profiles accordingly and using our traditional drum roasting method, which helps to keep the standard of our beans similar - year by year. Another special feature of our roasts is that we roast in a blend. This means that the different green coffees are blended before roasting and can develop their full flavour together.



Social responsibility is at the forefront of all our company's projects. The cooperation with our farmers and suppliers, who also follow these values, is very important to us.


Highest uncompromising quality and coffee roasting according to the traditional drum roasting method – like the taste of coffee from my home country Italy

– Giuseppe Drago

Drago Mocambo

Our Mission


For more than 30 years, we have stood for tradition, quality and responsibility. The quality of our coffee is one of the top priorities of our company philosophy. By roasting in the traditional drum roaster, we ensure this and provide a unique coffee taste in every cup of coffee. You can not only taste our passion for coffee, you can also feel it. We are now running our company in 3rd generation – Drago Moambo is a family! It’s not just us behind Drago Mocambo who belong to our family, but also our partners and customers. We are proud of our Drago Mocambo family and are happy about everyone who shares our passion for the highest coffee enjoyment as much as we do. Social responsibility is also one of our top priorities. For this reason, we cultivate long-term partnerships that represent these values in the same way. Drago Mocambo is growing dynamically – we look forward to each new chapter in our story.

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